Friday, May 11, 2012

Hysterical Miracle Friday

Supernatural. Paranormal. Angels. Demons. Possession.

It doesn't always have to be doom and gloom around here. So, for some Friday entertainment, please let me introduce Hysterical Miracle Friday.

What's so funny, Buddha?          by Lavoview

A pole dancer with soul; seven or eight of them.

Here's a paranormal treat to get the blood pumping and the heart racing. According to Wendy Reardon, a pole dancing instructor at the Gypsy Rose in Boston, her dance studio is haunted by seven to eight ghosts. She has even gone so far as to name some of them who she claims come in different shapes and sizes. There's Bullet who, appropriately enough, looks like a bullet. There's Blinky. He blinks in and out of sight. What else are you going to name him? There's Thriller, too. He made an appearance when Wendy danced to the song of the same name. Could it be the King of Pop?

It seems a little unfair that Bullet, Blinky, and the rest of the gang get free dance lessons, though.

Get tested...for Demonic Possession?

Ever thought standardized tests were evil? Well, here's proof that they're at least second cousins. Head over to Bob Larson's website and take the 21 question challenge to determine how likely you are to be possessed by a demon. The catch? It's gonna cost you $9.95! Doh! Fella's gotta eat, right?

Rev. Bob Larson is a modern day Van Helsing. He's a demon fighter and exorcist who claims to have come into more contact with demons than anyone alive. His newest claim is that Jezebel is attacking him with ferocity.

Ohhh, noes! Not ferocity!

Larson claims that Jezebel has launched a series of personal attacks. She's out to destroy him. But, you can help, according to his website. Just donate $5,000, $1,000, $500, $200, $100 or whatever you can to aid this holy warrior. Stop Jezebel's ferocity! Throw some green his way and then, "Poof!" she's gone.

Oh, check out this news report covering Larson and his work. It's a hoot!

If you have any of your own Hysterical Miracles to share, please do in the comments below.

Happy Hysterical Miracle Friday!

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  1. I wonder if Rev. Larson frequents the Gypsy Rose? I've heard Jezebel can get pretty ferocious with a pole herself. Maybe I'll throw him a few Washingtons...